The Myrtle Beach area is much more than a great beach. There is a whole different world waiting just a few miles inland along the rivers, creeks and marshes of the South Carolina Low Country. Fifteen minute drive from downtown Myrtle Beach and you’re on the Waccamaw River: a beautiful black water river with towering cypress trees draped in Spanish Moss, warblers singing in the brush, and swallow-tailed kites circling overhead (not to mention snakes and alligators) Come kayaking with Black River Outdoors, and let one of our amazing guides show you a side of the Grand Strand that most visitors to the Myrtle Beach area miss completely. We offer two, four and six-hour Guided Kayak EcoTours to a wide range of locations in the Greater Myrtle Beach area! Advance purchase required. Tours often sell out! Check us out on TripAdvisor!: BOOK NOW
Sunset Tour



Cypress Swamp

Paddle the clear black waters that flow through the cypress-tupelo swamps of the Waccamaw National Wildlife Refuge. Kayak past towering cypress trees draped in spanish moss and see the incredible variety of wildlife that inhabit these pristine forests.

Huntington Beach State Park / Murrells inlet Salt Marsh

Kayak through a sea of grass that is home to an amazing variety of birds and marine life. Watch ospreys and eagles soar over head, and herons and egrets stalk the shallows, all while the terns and pelicans plunge after the fish that swim the narrow creeks

We also offer Guided Birding Tours, with three hours of kayaking combined with three hours of walking. This allows you to see a wider array of habitats, and increases the number of species you can see in one day.
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Harbor & Seaport of Georgetown

Paddle through history in Georgetown Harbor! The rivers were the life blood of this area for centuries. There is no better way to learn the history of this vibrant region than on the rivers that made it. Kayak past colonial houses and old rice docks that once made Georgetown one of the richest cities in South Carolina.

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Fish are Biting!! Try our Kayak Fishing Tours

In our fishing kayaks you can go where the fish are. Kayak fishing is becoming a hugely popular sport because in a shallow draft kayak you can quietly get up into the shallows where the big fish like to feed. Many big fish like to feed in very shallow creeks and inlets where power boats can't go, but now you can!


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